Magnetic Hematite & Chakra Gemstone Bracelet

Magnetic Hematite & Chakra Gemstone Bracelet

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Designed to promote stability and provide protection these bracelets are made from genuine chakra gemstones with Magnetic Hematite gemstone beads and are finished with a Sterling Silver lobster clasp.

The Chakra gemstones are Red Garnet (Root), Orange Carnelian (Sacral), Yellow Citrine (Solar Plexux), Green Peridot (Heart), Blue Turquoise (Throat), Indigo Lapis Lazuli (Third Eye), Violet Amethyst (Crown).

Hematite is thought to balance energy and aid concentration and confidence by absorbing and dissolving negativity keeping the wearer grounded and able to focus. It is also thought to reduce stress and encourage positive communication.

In its magnetic form Hematite is believed to help conditions such as back pain, rheumatism and arthritis.


For more information about the properties and traditional uses of gemstones see our Gemstone Information page here;


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