Heart Chakra (Anahata) Peridot Pendant

Heart Chakra (Anahata) Peridot Pendant

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Chakra Motto: I love

Designed to help open your heart chakra and boost your compassionate energy; this Pendant is made from Sterling silver with a small charm of a faceted A grade peridot pear bead and a faceted peridot rondelles attached and is hanging on a Sterling Silver ‘prince of Wales’ chain.

The pendant measures 20mm, the chain is 18’’ / 45cm in length.


Properties and Traditions of Peridot (Also known as Olivine)

Keywords; Healing, Rebirth, Growth, Confidence, Prosperity, Protection

Birthstone of August, Peridot is thought to transform your life and help you to create the life of your dreams by healing past hurt and encouraging you to let go of guilt, forgive yourself for past mistakes and move on to a brighter future.

Peridot is also thought to attract wealth and abundance into your life by boosting creativity and confidence in your own ability.

In crystal healing Peridot is believed to reduce stress, nervousness, anxiety and fear, especially fears caused by past trauma. It can also give you more energy counteracting the effects of overwork and exhaustion.


For more information about properties and traditional uses for gemstones see our Gemstone Information page here; http://www.keturah.co.uk/keturah-gemstone-information

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