Freshwater 'Coin' Pearl & Ruby Earrings

Freshwater 'Coin' Pearl & Ruby Earrings

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Freshwater 'Coin' Pearl & Ruby Earrings

Designed to promote love and romance and to encourage devotion, these earrings are made from coin shaped Freshwater Pearls and faceted natural Longido Ruby gemstone beads with Sterling Silver spacer beads hanging on Sterling Silver earwires.

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Birthstone for June and for the Zodiac sign Gemini, Pearls are thought to help you to find your ‘true life path’ by helping you open up to the inspiration around you and to think more clearly. Pearls are often used in Bridal jewellery because of their association with honesty, purity and love; they are a symbol of a happy marriage and Hindu wedding ceremonies even feature a special pearl ritual.

The birthstone for July, Ruby is thought to increase prosperity by encouraging creativity, motivation and courage; as well as instilling confidence in your abilities and renewing your zest for life which all helps you to move forward and reach previously unobtainable goals. Traditionally Ruby has been associated with love, romance and marriage and is said to bring passion, happiness and devotion to a relationship.

For more details about Gemstone properties and traditional meanings please see our Gemstone information page here;

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