Amazonite Rose & Moonstone Bracelet

Amazonite Rose & Moonstone Bracelet

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Designed to bring hope and attract love and happiness into your life; this bracelet is made of pale Amazonite beads carved into the shape of a Rose, reminiscent of a Charles Rene Macintosh design, with faceted Moonstone and faceted multi coloured Amazonite beads, it also features sterling Silver Rose shaped beads and is finished with a sterling silver lobster clasp. The bracelet is approx. 7" / 18.5cm long.

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Roses are most commonly associated with love; they represent unconditional love, beauty and balance but can also be used as a symbol of romantic promise, hope and new beginnings.

In ancient mythology, Roses symbolised eternal love and were used to represent their Gods & Goddesses. Roses are still recognised by many religions as a symbol of miraculous love; In Islam roses are symbols of the human soul, so smelling the scent of a rose reminds them of their spirituality. In Hinduism and Buddhism roses are seen as expressions of spiritual joy.


Known as the ‘Stone of Hope’; Amazonite is said to bring happiness in to your life by helping you realise your hopes and dreams. Encouraging open-mindedness it will aid all kinds of creativity and boost communication.

Moonstone is thought to uplift the spirit, allowing you to see the future filled with hope and happiness by stabilising emotions, soothing stress and encouraging an open heart and mind. A wonderful stone for new beginnings Moonstone also promotes good fortune in love and life.

For more details about Gemstone properties and traditional meanings please see our Gemstone information page here;


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