Rhodonite Rose & Tourmaline Bracelet

Rhodonite Rose & Tourmaline Bracelet

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Designed to boost self confidence, encourage positivity and attract or enhance love, this bracelet is made from carved rose shaped Rhodonite gemstone beads, faceted Rhodonite, smooth round multicoloured tourmaline and delicate faceted multicoloured tourmaline gemstone beads with Sterling Silver rose shaped beads and is finished with a Sterling Silver lobster clasp. It is approx.7" / 18.5cm long.

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Roses are most commonly associated with love; they represent unconditional love, beauty and balance but can also be used as a symbol of romantic promise, hope and new beginnings.

In ancient mythology, Roses symbolised eternal love and were used to represent their Gods & Goddesses. Roses are still recognised by many religions as a symbol of miraculous love; In Islam roses are symbols of the human soul, so smelling the scent of a rose reminds them of their spirituality. In Hinduism and Buddhism roses are seen as expressions of spiritual joy.

Rhodonite is thought to attract and enhance love by balancing emotions, clearing away wounds from the past and encouraging positivity and an open heart. It is also thought to aid self-esteem and self-confidence.

Tourmaline is thought to help you to move beyond your self imposed limits by encouraging creativity and inspiration, and promoting self confidence. It helps you to see past experiences in new ways, so that you’re able to learn from them without fear or self judgement. Tourmaline is also thought to balance both right & left sides of the brain and male & female energies, promoting tolerance and compassion.

Pink Tourmaline (also known as Rubelite) is associated with love and matters of the heart, it helps stimulate feelings of joy, happiness and love as well as encourage devotion. It is also thought to be the best stone to heal old emotional wounds.

Green Tourmaline is thought to attract luck, success, abundance and prosperity. It inspires creativity, and may also be used to help identify and manifest your goals.

Blue Tourmaline is thought to promote a calming effect, and offer relief from stress. It brings joy and happiness and promotes harmony, tolerance and kindness. It also aids communication and can help you release emotional stress, allowing you move on from the past.

For more details about Gemstone properties and traditional meanings please see our Gemstone information page here; https://www.keturah.co.uk/keturah-gemstone-information

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