About Us

About Keturah
Keturah Jewellery was established in 2013 and is a combination of my passion for jewellery, gemstones and all things shiny!
 Each design is inspired by my own eclectic spirituality and that of the different people I’ve met over the years in my daily life and on my travels through Europe, USA and Canada. I’m also inspired by the history and nature of my own location in South Devon, between Plymouth and Dartmoor National Park.
Every piece of Keturah jewellery is handmade by me using precious or semi precious gemstones and freshwater pearls. Each design made with the healing properties and traditional meanings of the gemstones in mind; making sure that not only do the colours compliment each other but the properties of the gemstones do too!
I also design bespoke items for people who want something specific for themselves or a special gift; perhaps birthstones or something for an anniversary; or someone looking for a specific combination of gemstone properties that they can’t find anywhere else.
I love working with the natural gemstones and making beautiful pieces of unique jewellery for spiritual individuals who like to stand out from the crowd. I hope you find something that you love at Keturah.
Never hide your spiritual side!