Jewelery Care

Jewellery Care

Caring for your jewellery properly will prolong its life and its beauty; please take some time to look at the care instructions when you receive your jewellery.

It is recommended that you do not sleep, swim, sunbathe or shower in your jewellery and avoid contact with perfume and chemicals e.g. hairspray. This is particularly important for natural pearls and porous / soft gemstones such as Turquoise and opals.

Always keep your jewellery in a special jewellery bag or jewellery box and try to keep individual items apart to avoid them marking each other. Even then silver jewellery will eventually tarnish. It is a good idea to polish it frequently with a silver polishing cloth.

To restore their sparkle, gemstones benefit from an occasional gentle wash in warm water and a drop of washing up liquid or mild shampoo. It is important that they are rinsed thoroughly and dried with a clean soft cloth.

Pearls can also be cleaned with mild soap; mix a weak solution of warm water and soap, use a make-up brush dipped in the solution to brush over the pearls then wipe and dry with a soft cloth.

For additional information on individual gemstones see the 'Gemstone Information' page.